Katie Byczek began studying the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber after mastering the works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. Mick Byczek introduced his daughter Katie to The Music of the Night from the Phantom of the Opera, Argentina from Evita, and Memory from Cats. She learned the technique from the Piano Duet style of instruction. She performed the songs with an excellent sense of the rhythm and lyrics.

Mick and Betty

Katie Byczek began her piano studies at an early age and private tutoring concentrated on the Suzuki style of instruction. Mick Byczek introduced Katie to musical compositions by Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. He helped his daughter master all the preparatory works that were available in the seven volume series of instruction. These included the following songs: Little Star variations, Clair de Lune, several Allegros & Allegrettos, folk songs that included Lightly Row, London Bridge, The Honey Bee, French Children's Song, Long Ago, Little Lamb, Goodbye to Winter, and Musette. Katie performed recitals that included works by Shumann and Bach. She progressed to two Sonatinas by Clementi and Mozart and the Beethoven Ecossaises. Her favorite piano compositions were Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, and the Sonatas K309 & K330.

Katie competed in several Irish dance events. Her favorite dances were performed in soft and hard shoe competitions. The dresses were hand-made by Betty and Katie. She won three first-place awards at a Milwaukee dance festival.

Mick and Betty Byczek Family Genealogy
Betty Byczek family history in Bucktown and Wicker Park
Mozart is the Byczek family cat that was adopted from a Shelter in 1999
The first Irish Setter Tara was purchased from a breeder in 1985
Katie continued her piano studies with works by Weber
The dogs enjoyed playing at the local park district
The third Irish Setter Miche became a family member in 2011
Katie Byczek at Irish dance competitions
Katie Byczek and family
Tennis photos with her family

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